Notes from the Courtroom

If you are involved in a custody case, you should assume that each text message and email you send to your spouse, as well as each voice message you leave, will find its way into your spouse’s attorney’s file.

If your case goes to trial, you can expect to see text messages, emails, and transcripts of voice messages marked as trial exhibits – and they could even be used against you. Likewise, your attorney will certainly use damaging text messages, emails and transcripts against your spouse.

Don’t Hit the “Send” Button Just Yet

Do yourself, your attorney and your kids a favor.

Before you hit the send button, pause for a second and read over what you have just written. Does your email or text message make accusations? Delete them.

Does your email or text message disparage, blame or belittle your spouse? Take them out.

Sending derisive emails or text messages might make you feel better for the moment, but they can seriously damage your custody case if they become evidence that you are not capable of promoting a good relationship between your children and the other parent.

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