Tips for the First Meeting with Your New Attorney

In a previous post, I made some suggestions about questions you could ask a potential attorney during your initial consultation. Those questions are designed to help you to decide whether you should look further or you’ve found the lawyer you want to hire. 


Making the Most out of Your First Meeting with Your Lawyer


Once you have decided whom you want to represent you, there are steps you can take to make the most out of the first meeting with the attorney you have selected. Some attorneys will send you a list of information to bring to the meeting. 


Before you show up:

  • Read the Alaska Court System’s information about the divorce process so you have a “roadmap” of what to expect. You can refer back to the glossary if attorney uses unfamiliar terms.
  • Make a written list of your financial assets and debts as you would if you were filling out a loan or financial application. This can be helpful during the property division phase of your divorce.
  • Make a written list of your monthly expenses and sources of income.
  • If you have two years of tax returns readily available, you should bring them with you.
  • Make a written list of any questions you have for your lawyer, including questions about your legal rights and obligations.


Having this information readily available will save you money; the better prepared you are, the less time your attorney will have to spend trying to get documentation from you.

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