How to Navigate an Uncontested Divorce: Tips for Peaceful Resolution

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An uncontested divorce is a divorce proceeding that is not litigated. The parties agree on the divorce terms and propose a divorce settlement agreement to the court for approval. The parties do not need to begin the process in complete agreement. An experienced Alaska divorce attorney can help you negotiate a divorce settlement through private discussions with your spouse and their lawyer or through divorce mediation.

Tips for Peacefully Resolving Your Divorce in Alaska

Divorce is often associated with controversy and bitter battles. However, not all divorces are litigated. Many couples work together to settle their divorce without costly litigation. Tips that can help you during an uncontested divorce include:

Be Open to Compromise

You may need to compromise to negotiate a divorce settlement. You might not receive everything you want, but you will receive some things. The key is to create a prioritized list of what terms are most important to you. Negotiate for what you desire on those items and be willing to compromise on other things.

Protect Your Children

Working together toward an uncontested divorce can benefit your children. You and your spouse can shield your children from conflicts and try to minimize disruptions. Arriving at mutually agreed-upon parenting arrangements and settlements is often more beneficial for both parents and children compared to court-imposed custody and visitation orders.

Identify Emotional Triggers 

Emotional triggers can interfere with an uncontested divorce by leading to disputes. Think about what causes you to “lose your temper” with your spouse. If necessary, work with a therapist or counselor to identify emotional triggers and learn coping skills to avoid giving in to destructive behaviors. 

Be Prepared for Financial Negotiations 

Financial matters are often a challenging issue during uncontested divorces. Transitioning to a single income and home can be stressful. Creating a budget and understanding your resources before negotiating a divorce settlement can be helpful. 

Alaska is an equitable distribution state. If the parties do not agree on how to divide marital assets, the court divides the property fairly and equitably. For some couples, fair and equitable might be equal. However, judges can consider factors that might result in an uneven distribution of marital assets.

In an uncontested divorce, the parties decide how to divide their assets. Spouses can negotiate a property settlement with a 50-50 split or divide their property unequally.  

Full Disclosure and Honest Communication 

Achieving an uncontested divorce requires the parties to fully disclose all information to the other party and open lines of honest communication. The process could fail if either party tries to hide assets or conceal information about divorce terms. The result could be a costly and time-consuming contested divorce that does not result in the party’s desired outcome. 

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Divorce is never easy. However, having an experienced Alaska divorce attorney to guide you through the process, prenuptial agreements, and more, can make it less stressful. An attorney can also help you resolve your divorce in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Contact us for a free case evaluation to discuss your legal options. 

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